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Fic Masterlist - Fear the Maekala
for I am uber dyke
Fic Masterlist
Despite wishing that I could be hugely prolific in the fic department, I'm not. But I do have a hugely varied bunch of fic from all different fandoms. This is my masterlist. You can also always check my fic tag.

Office Romance
Brennan/Angela PG ~2000 words
Summary: When Hodgins asked Angela out in "The Girl With The Curl," there was more about her rejection than was stated.

Tactical Heat
Beckett/OFC PG ~1200 words
Summary: Beckett is out on a date when Castle appears.

Criminal Minds
pre-Hotch/Rossi/Prentiss G ~2800 words
Summary: Rossi knows he's attracted to both Aaron and Emily. As he watches the way the three of them interact and sees the attraction between Aaron and Emily, he starts to wonder if they can start something between the three of them.

Sara/Sofia PG
Challenge: passion_perfect Sassy Ficathon. Sofia unbuttoning her blouse in "I Like To Watch"

Unexpected Family
Sara/Sofia PG-13 ~2500 words
Summary: Sofia discovers an entirely new side to Sara.

Team Bonding
Jules-centric gen G ~1300 words
Summary: Jules is worried about how Donna's assignment to Team One after she was shot will affect her place on the team. Donna isn't confident of her place in the SRU with Jules well on the way to returning. While the team is out one night, Greg and Ed encourage the two to work it out.

Thoughts On A Woman
pre-Audrey/Nathan, unrequited Audrey/Duke G ~1400 words
Summary: Duke considers his place in Audrey's life and how Nathan effects that. Post-S1 Finale. Spoilers for all of season 1.

Hawaii 5-0
Kiss You Or Kill You
Steve/Danny+Grace PG ~7400 words
Summary: Steve and Grace are kidnapped by a vindictive man from Danny's pre-5-0 days. While the team rushes to find them, Steve and Grace must rely on each other.
Podfic: lunate8, link with fic

Law & Order: UK
Little Blue Boxes
Natalie Chandler/Alesha Philips G ~2200 words
Summary: After finally asking Natalie out, Alesha tries to figure out what to give Natalie on their first date. A bit of a character study of Natalie from Alesha's POV.

Hardison/Parker/Eliot NC-17 ~1200 words
Summary: Parker wants waffles and a little sweetener

My Awkward Sod
pre-Lewis/Hathaway PG-13 ~5200 words
Summary: Follows Hathaway's state of mind through 401 – Dead of Winter and how he and Lewis work through things after the final credits.
Warnings: mentions of past child abuse, mentions of past self-harm, very brief mention of past thought of suicide

Person of Interest
Just Another Day
Finch/Reese G ~1800 words
Summary: Neither John nor Harold has ever really celebrated Christmas, but they make it special between them anyway.

Hell, High Water and Amnesia
Finch/Reese Mature ~37,000 words
Summary: Following an explosion, Reese loses parts of memory including everything to do with Finch and the Machine. Not sure who to trust, John evades the FBI, CIA and Carter as he attempts to remember who he's become and why he's drawn to this strange man with a limp.

Every Step of the Way
Finch/Reese PG-13 ~2000 words
Summary: Picks up at the end of the episode "Cura Te Ipsum" and follows what happened after the screen went black. Finch supports Reese's decision and stays with him every step of the way.
Podfic: podcath, link with fic

Someone To Keep You Warm
Helen/Nikola, brief mentions of Helen/James, James/Nikola PG ~1400
Summary: During WWII, Helen and James have evacuated the UK Sanctuary but stay behind. One night, Nikola shows up.

Stargate SG-1
Sam/Janet PG
Summary: Janet notices that Sam is taking a lot of notes during a routine briefing.

Coming Together
Cam/Teal'c/Sam NC-17 ~1300 words
Summary: While the Odyssey is trapped in the time dilation field, Cam, Sam and Teal'c find themselves drawn closer together.

Stargate Atlantis
You Could've Waited A Day
Weir/Caldwell PG ~1500 words
Summary: Steven realizes just how important his arguments with Elizabeth really are.

Vampire Diaries (TV)
True Colours
Damon/Elena/Alaric NC-17 ~8200 words
Summary: When the team think they've found another clue in the Aztec curse, Damon, Elena and Ric head off to find it. They don't find exactly what they were looking for.

Note in regards to transformative works:

I am not only okay with podfic, but would think you are the awesomest person in the world if you wanted to podfic any of my stories. I would prefer that I get to listen first mostly so I can squee in absolute delight and hug it to myself for a listen through. Unless you've somehow managed to record the wrong fic, I won't not like it. Also, my name is tricky and I want to make sure that you pronounce it correctly. I'm going to also give an initial okay for adding dialogue tags or contractions or other things that make listening/recording a bit easier. If there is more than a sentence and it makes things really hard to read, just pop me a message and we'll see what we can do. As far as reducing a fic's rating, I would rather not. I put sex scenes in my fic for a reason and would prefer to keep them there.

I'm also okay with translation. I'm a bit of a linguaphile and would be tickled to death to see my words in another language. Definitely send me a link and I'll add it to the masterlist with lots of credit and not a little bit of excitement.

If you would like to do any kind of graphic work, be in fanart, icons or vids, then I just want a heads up. I will link with reckless abandon and manic giggling.

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