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Dear Yuletide Santa - Fear the Maekala
for I am uber dyke
Dear Yuletide Santa
Dear Yuletide Secret Santa,

First and foremost, you are made of such incredible awesomesauce. I've been doing Yuletide for a few years and I'm always so excited for stories to be posted. Sorry it's taken me so long to get my letter up. I totally meant to get it done as soon as I signed up, but then I kept forgetting.

Basic stuff that I like: I love angst and H/C like living! Seriously. Put either or both (BOTH!) into a fic and I will propose marriage. I'm good with any rating. I like dark!fic. The angst and H/C make sense, now, huh? While I would prefer to see a happy-ish ending (or at least a promise that there will be a happy ending once every one gets their heads on straight in the future), you can go as dark as you want. There is a reason I like fic where someone goes "evil" for an ep. I blame an early obsession with the Power Rangers episodes where a Ranger was turned evil. No really. Wanna attempt that? Again, with the marriage proposal.

Basic stuff that I don't like: I don't like crack!AUs very much (characters are all unicorns or whatever), but a well thought out AU is fine. Not really looking for any kind of preg (mpreg, fpreg, whatver) or kid fic. I hate OOCness. The odd possibly OOC moment is fine. I understand that these characters are hard to write and those moments crop in or maybe what I consider OOC for someone, you think is totally in character. Don't sweat that.

Basic sexy stuff that I like (yes, this gets it's own paragraph): rough sex, blood play, power play, mild kink. If you have the characters throwing each other back and forth against a wall in a power play lead up to some rough sex, I think I may die of the hot. Seriously. That's probably my biggest kink in fic and real life. I'm okay with mild bondage, but don't really see any of these characters involved in heavy bondage. Otherwise, as long as you don't have the magical self-lubricating penis, we're good (as in, please make sure the sex can actually happen).

Basic sexy stuff that I don't like: heavy kink, scat, watersports. If it has to have it's own bolded warning, then maybe you can hold off until after the fest?

Wow, that was long-winded. Ready for the fandom-specific stuff now? Cool. Me, too.

A note for this year: sorry that I didn't give you any prompts to work from in the signup, but I was getting it in just under the wire and I was afraid if I gave prompts, I was going to lose the chance to hit "submit."

Fandom: Person of Interest
People: John Reese and Harold Finch
I love this show so much. I got behind this season right after the first episode and it makes me so sad. But somehow, someway, I will be caught up by reveal time. I love that these two characters have that bit of doubt and yet somehow trust each other completely. From what I've seen, I love how Bear just adds to that dynamic. While I absolutely love slash between these two, I know from my own writing of them that they are not the easiest guys to throw into bed together. I also, for some reason, have a little trouble reading anything explicit between them, so I'd prefer something not porny, but feel free to attempt to change my mind.

I love post ep fics and I love case fics. I love preslash or attempting to figure out how a relationship between them would work. Mostly, I would just love to see something between the two of them. And, while I didn't put any of the other characters in, I love every one of them, so include any and all that you like.

Fandom: Flashpoint
People: Greg Parker, Jules Callaghan and Spike Scarlatti
I am not going to lie: I started watching Flashpoint when it first aired because I've had a thing for Amy Jo Johnson since her days as a Power Ranger. Everything she has ever done has been awesome and then I found Flashpoint and fell in love with the entire show and most of the cast. The big exception is Sam. He rubbed me wrong from the very beginning and I haven't been able to get past that and I *hate* the Sam/Jules relationship. But I also abhor character bashing, so if you could either just ignore him or keep him involvement to a minimum, I'd be happy.

I've had something of a weird OT3 idea for these three involving bonding over being in the tech truck of doom and each being geeky in their own special way. I know it's a weird relationship, so don't feel like you have to force something if you just don't see it. Or, if you want to do a gen piece with them, you will be my hero. And, being fair in OT3s, I love each of the individual pairings within these three, so if you think you could do a pairing, that's awesome, too. Finally, I have always shipped Spike/Lew, so I would melt into a little puddle if you wanted to do something with Sarge and Jules being there for Spike after losing Lew.

Fandom: Common Law
Characters: Wes Mitchell, Travis Marks
OMG, so much freaking love for these two. Everything about them makes me happy from their weird beginnings to their tragic breakup and then the hilarity that is them in therapy. I have shipped them since I saw the first adverts for this show almost a year ago. And the way they play up the bromance, I'm pretty sure the network knows that.

I kind of adore the special kind of angst these two produce with equal doses of completely adorable humour and earnestness. There is no such thing as too much H/C in this fandom. I think Travis could make the case for imminent death because of a paper cut or Wes trying to be all stoic after a gun shot. I totally believe that Travis is a player because he pines for Wes, but I wouldn't mind seeing a fic where the two negotiate an open relationship because Travis is a sex addict, but gives Wes full veto power.

This is another fandom where I love all of the secondary characters, so throw them in at will.

In short, Yuletide Santa, you are awesome and can do no wrong. Thank you for writing awesomeness for me and I'll see you on the flip side.


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